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PS3 Emulator

Hi guy!
For many weeks along with my colleague worked after hours on the project emulator with which you can play games with the PS3 on a PC. We succeeded. Although this is a beta version, performs phenomenally. We managed to play many games, tested on multiple computers. Even on those weaker amount fps smelled in the range 45-60. This is a very good result. We provide you the beta version for free, but this offer does not last forever. When we improve the emulator will it sell. Meanwhile, enjoy the occasion.

Recommended PC:
My PC:
Intel Core 2 Quad 2.53 GHz
Ati Radeon Sapphire 1GB GDDR5
Windows 7

and better... (fps 50-60)

The package includes:
- The installer for an emulator
- Manual
- Need plugins
- Need bios
- Other tools you need
- Short video tutorials
- URL of downloadable games:]

So if you want PS3 Emulator click here :
My files are 100% working and no viruses!
How to Download:
If you are having trouble downloading the file (aka you dont want to put real information in) this website maybe able to help you!